Attention Employee Wellness Program Co-ordinators!

If there’s anyone that understands and appreciates the importance of wellness for employees, its me.  As a former Operations Leader and Labour Relations Advocate (29yrs with the Federal Government), the most common denominator of all triggers relating to workplace issues, was employee’s wellness.  Whether physical, mental or emotional, employee wellness is crucial.  Your employees’ health therefore, is crucial.  If your teams aren’t healthy, neither is the workplace.

Let me help.

Essential oils are on the fast-track to being very common, everywhere.  What I do is bring education and practical knowledge of oils and teach proper ways of use and offer one-on-one help or team-based discussions.

Call or email  to arrange a fun-filled, explorative and empowering  Essential Oil 101 lesson today!

Summer in Port Burwell!

This summer, let your path to relaxation start in lovely Port Burwell!

Starting Friday June 16th, Ann Marie at OM will be offering Aroma and Hot Stone massages from the lovely loft studio at  Roro’s Glass Art & Crystal Skulls .

Fridays & Saturdays      8am – 4pm

  • Aroma Massage – $60 (60 minute)
  • Hot Stone Massage – $60 (60-90minute)

Don’t miss out!

Text Ann Marie 226.926.4554 to book your appointment!


Tis the Season for Ticks!

So much has been in the news in the recent years about ticks and lyme disease that I thought I’d post a blog written by Sue Pace recently posted on Robert Tisserand’s (Tisserand Institute) website.  Sue writes a brief but abundant blog (below) that educates what ticks are , how they bite, how we can be susceptible to lymn disease and what we can do,  to protect ourselves, our families and our pets.

The blog offers some easy do-it-yourself recipes using essential oils and basic ingredients.  Contact me for more information or how can I help you protect you and yours!



Tick Talk