As there are many benefits to aromatherapy, effective ‘treatments’ aren’t only at a treatment centre.   You can practice and feel the benefits with 2 easy methods:  inhalation and diffuser.

  • Inhalation:  During any time of day and wherever you may be,  by taking 3 deep breathes of essential oils can help you feel emotionally and physically uplifted while at the same time boost your energy and immunity.   Often I will put a droplet of an essential oil on my palm, rub may hands together and inhale the essence 3 times.  Slowly.  Then I rub the back of my neck.  Its within seconds that I will feel the impacts of both the inhalation and rub to the back of my neck.   As I am a chronic headache sufferer, peppermint in the morning puts me on track swiftly.  It has become a regular practice of mine in the mornings, much like my coffee!

Taking this small measure by giving yourself a moment of mindfulness can really make an impact on your day, your mood or your next minute!

  • Diffusing is another effective and popular way to keep the holistic benefits essential oils around you and your family.  Through diffusing,  essential oils are inhaled naturally.  Whether its a blend for relaxation, depression, awakening, seduction, many oils have medicinal properties that can help fight bacteria, fungus and allergens at the same time which makes diffusing so perfect in the home, protecting everyone, even your company!

I have many friends and clients that diffuse in every room every day.  Children with allergies?  Eucalyptus is a great friend.  Kids cramming for exams diffuse  rosemary and bay (great study buddies).  Heading to bed?  Diffuse lavender (add a dash of marjoram and you’ll have a wonderful and peaceful slumber!).  Company coming over?  Diffusing cinnamon and orange keeps them happy!

What else can you do?  Aromatherapy treatments focus on various pressure points predominantly along the spine and on the face that assist the body  to relax. The stimulation to the nerves  enables the body and mind to a state of rest and repair.  For those really interested in the science aspect, this massage focuses on the parasympathetic nervous system which forms part of the autonomic nervous system.